Engraving Services

Engraving is an affordable way to add a personalized touch to just about anything!  You can pick from our wide selection of fonts and symbols, and have us engrave a name, date, or even a saying on your piece.

The size or amount of engraving is limited by the size and structure of the piece - it's much easier to place a name on the inside of a wide smooth band than a thin one or an ornate piece.  Some pieces, ones that are tiny and/or have lots of detail to them, may not be able to be engraved.

And we don't just engrave jewelry!  We can do glass, trophies, name plates, plaques and much more!  

How long does it take?  This depends on how many orders we have at any given time.  We offer engraving services on a first come, first serve basis.  Some engravings are simple and very quick; others involve substantial artwork and multiple engraved areas and take quite a bit longer.  We'll be able to give you an estimate of when yours will be ready before you leave your piece with us. 

If you have an urgent or emergency need for engraving (or any repair work) we may be able to rush your job for a fee; it will depend on the deadlines in front of yours and the complexity of the job needed.