Estate Jewelry

What is estate jewelry?

Estate jewelry is basically jewelry that someone else has owned and/or worn before you.  We call it "estate" instead of "pre-owned" or "used" because a great deal of it is found in estate sales.

There are two major types of estate jewelry.  The first is antique jewelry - this is probably the type you think of first when you hear the word "estate".  To earn the name antique, a piece of jewelry has to be at least 100 years in age.  Secondly, and one you may be more familiar with, is vintage.  Vintage jewelry is generally decades old or from a different era.  Think jewelry that flappers might have worn in the 1920s.  It's not old enough to be antique, but it has a specific presence, style and history tied to it.

You can bring in your estate jewelry to us and sell it.  We buy all precious metals - silver, gold, platinum, etc.  We offer very reasonable pricing!

Don't know if your pieces have real precious metals in them?  You can bring them down and put them in our x-ray spectrometer.  This piece of technology x-rays the jewelry (it does not harm it in any way) and then gives us the information showing exactly what is (or isn't) in it.  It just takes a few seconds to run a piece through the machine, and we don't charge for the service!

Bring in your estate and pre-owned jewelry today and walk out with cash!