Jessica Atkinson

Jessica Atkinson - Internet Sales & Marketing

Jessica's mother left her with one guiding principal for her life:  The most important thing in choosing a career is making sure that you love what you do.  Whatever you choose, do it with your heart and soul.  Always strive to do the best you can every day.
When Jessica discovered a passion for jewelry, she immediately put her mother's advice to use.  She started as an entry level position in a small jewelry store where she promptly fell in love with vintage jewelry.  She loves helping someone find that perfect gift for a loved one -- an old tradition with a family heritage that becomes a new tradition for a family's future -- pieces full of love, life and memories.
She knew educating herself was important to growing in her field, and she obtained her AJP at the GIA so that she could move up in the industry and in her career.  She pours her heart into what she does every day.
Believe me, we put ALL of Jessica's talents to work here at M&M Jewelers.  Not only does she handle our inventory (especially our vintage items) and provide top notch customer service, she is also our go-to genius for online sales and marketing.  Jessica handles all of our online sales mediums, including Facebook, Ebay and Etsy, and she is always learning about new and better ways to reach customers all over the world.  Her hard work has paid off in exponential growth.
Jessica is a happily divorced mom with two amazing kids.  Her favorite pastimes include hiking and swimming here in our beautiful Smoky Mountains.  She loves Halloween and Christmas.  The gemstone that always catches her eye is an Opal.  Her favorite food is Okra.  And she makes sure that everyday, she is doing her absolute best.  She's a gem!