You lose some weight.  Or gain some, ugh.  You have a baby.  Your fingers can change size for many different reasons - but there is no reason to either give up wearing your favorite jewelry or suffer through the pain of wearing a piece that's just too tight.  Don't take changes on losing a ring that's too large for you and could slip off without you noticing -- like your mother's emerald ring -- just because someone else's fingers were larger than yours.

Resizing a ring is a structural change to the ring itself.  Much like engraving, the simpler the item's design is, the easier it is to resize.  In addition, sizing a ring up often means adding metal to it.  This means we have to see the ring in order to determine if it can be resized, how many sizes it can go up or down, and what the cost would be.  

Pricing on resizing varies, but it starts at $25.  Bring your ring in for a free estimate, and enjoy it again because it actually fits now!